ESET Store

The ESET Store is where customers can buy or renew ESET product licenses online.

What I did

The focus of my work for the ESET Store was to condense the number of clicks and pages it took to perform the entire checkout process. To customize the cart, I used NetSuite's server language technology called SSP, a language that is very similar to Javascript. Starting from scratch, I researched best practices for shopping carts and then created templates using Photoshop. Using what I had learned from my research, I condensed the checkout process from seven pages down to one. From the templates, I created new HTML/CSS/Javascript, focusing primarily on Ajax functionality. I added the ability to upsell the user within the cart, which resulted in higher revenues. I also added the ability to translate the page into French or Spanish. I created the ability to redirect international users to their local distributor, as the cart is for North American and Caribbean users only. I added the ability to do a guest checkout, so that the user doesn't have to create an account in order to purchase our software. I set up the cart page using SSL.


  • Netsuite SSP
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Javascript


  • Netsuite
  • Photoshop
  • Illustrator
  • PSPad
  • Subversion
ESET Store